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1 More Cool Thing Ruined by Hipster Nation

I remember a time when people got tattoos and piercings to be DIFFERENT. 


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Go behind the music with Paul Stanley this week on The ReegeCast!

A special guest takes over Joy’s broadcast duties as Regis struggles to cope with the death of Mickey Rooney and the retirement of David Letterman. Then KISSmania hits The ReegeCast for a Hollywood anecdote that’s hotter than hell. Call the firehouse!

(This is only for parody)(written by Liam Cafferty and Brian Bush) (All music licenses belongs to whoever recorded it)

I have to go back and watch this episode.

Episode 2: *Calling Rock Soldiers*
Liam smokes a doob and rambles on and on about KISS, social media narcissists, religious narcissists, candy, and his favorite podcasts. Ace Frehley vocals are featured in this week’s bedding music.

Remember Mickey Rooney with a classic ReegeCast Hollywood Anecdote.

Fastforward to 7:00 for a story about Mickey, Regis and a mystery asian.